“My association with gwc started around 6 to 7 years back since my elder son was about 3 years old..the range and variety of books at gwc has always excited him a lot even till date. There has and always seems to be a book which he has to read as yet. A very approchable library, Gwc has books from a variety of genre that tempts kids across all age groups.Thanks to gwc now both my kids enjoy reading a lot!!!. Shwetas dedication is commendable she always has a list of interesting and well managed activities lined up for the kids.!!!
A happy and satisfied parent”

Ankita Mardia.

“Our bond with glowworm started 8 years back when we gifted our daughter with glowworm library subscription on her first birthday. From that day her love for reading has grown So much that she calls herself a bookworm now.”

“Glow worm has amazing collection of good books right from kindergarten touch and feel books ,Topsy and Tom series,Poldy series to her favorite Barbie series..the list goes on and on.”

“I have to thank you Shweta for the maintaining a good library. The joy of reading together is priceless.”