Think and Ink

An exclusive creative writing workshop for our young writers. Kids shall explore mystery writing, travelogues, diary entries, comprehending texts & introduction to figures of speech. This workshop shall bring out the creative writer in your child while they bring out their own mini book.

You can now read the first E-Book written entirely by our kids from the Think and Ink Workshop!

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Cuddles & Squeals

Your little bundle of joy is getting a little bigger everyday. What better way than to learn together? Come, play a little, sing a little, and learn how to trigger those power developmental areas of your child’s brain and body using new techniques. A power packed Mom N Me program where we guarantee cuddles and squeals!


This module is designed to improve the child’s public speaking skills and personality through communication. We will cover the nuances of debate, structured arguments, reasoning, articulation, and also learn about different styles of debate. The finale will be a live debate involving an audience panel as well.


A structured module offered only to those who are in the Cambridge curriculum, serving as a guide to important checkpoints. This will cover the following:

    • Understanding and comprehending texts.
    • Adapting writing for specific audiences using accuracy and range.
    • Strategizing and planning to write pieces of fiction.
    • Guide to answering specific questions given in the passages with the right sentence structure and vocabulary.
    • Appreciating the initricacies of lanuage patterns.

Little Shakespeare

A module exclusively designed for little theare enthusiasts where a shakespearean masterpeice will be read and enacted every week, making it a great way to instill the love of classics in children and hone their latent acting skills.

Minds Eye

An after school Montessori learning prog for children 2.5 Yrs.

English Mate

A specially designed workshop to develop LSRW – listening, speaking , reading and writing skills in a child.